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   Huahine – Raiatea – Taha’a - Tetiaroa

Seemingly lost in the legendary shadow of Tahiti, Bora Bora,
and Moorea are the “Hidden Paradise” islands - the Society
Islands of Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a and Tetiaroa, as well as
the Marquesas and Tuamotu. Relatively unchanged by the
modern world and long considered some of Tahiti’s “best
kept secrets,” these islands and atolls lure travelers looking
for an authentic Polynesian experience enhanced by world-class
resorts with international cuisine and
pure, uncrowded beaches. 

Huahine is located 110 miles northwest of Tahiti and is just a 30 minute plane ride away. Actually consisting of two islands joined by a bridge, the magic of Huahine can be felt instantly upon arrival and the proud locals do their best to make all visitors feel welcome. (The main town is Maeva – which means welcome in Tahitian!)

A 20-mile road winds through the island, passing through small villages and climbing high into the hills for spectacular views of the white sand beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons. Restored Tahitian marae (temples) and centuries-old stone fish traps reflect the island’s ancient culture and proud descendants who still reside in this magnificent paradise. Huahine is an agricultural island, rich with watermelons and cantaloupes. Vanilla, coffee, and taro plantations are plentiful, as are groves of breadfruit, mango, banana, papaya, and flowers. International surfing champions seek the world-class waves at Avamoa Pass and the world’s largest outrigger canoe race, the Hawaiki Nui Va’a, begins here each October. Huahine is sparsely populated and visitors will fall in love with its remote, unspoiled scenery and relaxed pace.

4 good reasons to choose Huahine

Wild and enticing nature

Luxuriant vegetation, untouched beaches, deserted coves, idyllic "motu" (islets), abundant fruit trees, and colorful enchanted lagoons. These are the sorts of features available to visitors from experienced local guides who take pride in sharing their heritage with you.

A mysterious past

The most extensive and best preserved archaeological remains in French Polynesia: the Maeva sites, the Orohaehae Temple, the "marae" (places of sacrifice to the gods), and the landscape molded by myths and legends.

Touristic and cultural sites

Flourishing local arts and crafts, villages with authentic fishermen, the sacred eels at Faaie, and splendid gardens.

Water activities show Huahine in its magnificent natural setting

Lagoon trips, fauna and underwater flora exploration (reef drop offs, caves full of fish, coral gardens), sunset cruises, deep sea fishing, and surfing on the best waves in Polynesia.

 RAIATEA - THE SECRET ISLAND: Raiatea and Taha’a, about 120 miles northwest of Tahiti, are two islands that are encircled by the same barrier reef. Raiatea, called “The Sacred Island,” may be the most revered island in all the South Pacific. Historically, kings from the neighboring islands would gather at Marae Taputapuatea for important ceremonies and negotiations. Re-enactments of these ceremonies on the restored marae (temple) help visitors discover the Tahitian culture. Raiatea has the only navigable river in the islands, the Faaroa, and popular excursions include exploring its cool, green waters in an outrigger canoe. Yachting and sailing enthusiasts gather in Raiatea, Tahiti’s nautical base and home to a number of boat charter companies.

Experienced sailors and novices alike
(captains can be provided) can experience world-class sailing in the Leeward Islands. The Pacific breezes and calm lagoons provide ideal conditions year-round for sailing and deep-sea fishing. On the slopes of Mt. Temehani, visitors can discover the Tiare Apetahi, a rare flower that is found only on this particular mountain in Raiatea. Botanists have unsuccessfully tried to grow it elsewhere. Legend says that there was once a lovely Tahitian girl who fell in love with the son of a Tahitian king. She died of a broken heart because she could never marry him. The five delicate petals of the flower represent her hand. Those who climb the mountain early in the morning will see the Tiare Apetahi open at dawn, with a slight crackling sound – the sound of her heart breaking.

4 good reasons to choose Raiatea

Natural features

Many deep bays, a well preserved spectacular environment (craters, waterfalls), optimum sailing conditions, a navigable river (Faaroa), vanilla plantations. Discover one of the world's rarest plants, the unusual Tiare Apetahi.

The cradle of Polynesian culture

The first island to be settled acoording to oral traditions. Raiatea is home to the spectacular first royal marae of Polynesia, Taputapuatea. This sanctuary was the seat of religious and political power for the whole of French Polynesia where historical initiation ceremonies and international gatherings took place. 

The real boating capital of the islands

Many charter companies are located around the bays, providing a large and varied fleet. Fully-equipped luxury yachts offer an innovative refined approach with total user-friendliness.

A special underwater world where diversity reigns

Coral gardens, caves, drift diving in the many passes, exploration
of the Norby shipwreck - a splendid three-masted ship that
sank in 1900.

 TAHA'A - THE VANILLA ISLAND: Just two miles away from Raiatea and a few minutes away from its airport by shuttle boat, Taha'a, the "Vanilla Island," offers a glimpse of the traditional tranquil life of Tahitians and the seductiveness of old-time Polynesia. The island is one giant colored and fragrant garden, of which vanilla, the precious orchid, is the ruling princess. Taha'a produces more than 80% of the famous Tahitian vanilla, the favorite variety of true connoisseurs. Taha'a's vast lagoon is dotted with many "motu," sandy islets on which to play Robinson Crusoe between dives. Each November, Taha'a comes alive with a Stone Fishing tournament. In the method of their ancestors, the villagers wade into the lagoon, beating the water with stones tied to ropes. The frenzy frightens the school of fish, driving them ashore, where they are easily collected for a feast.   

  5 good reason to choose Taha'a

An island with authentic charm

It is an untamed island with luxuriant vegetation set in an emerald lagoon ringed with idyllic "motu."

Exotic tropical flora

in splendid scented colorful gardens where you will taste tropical fruit during 4x4 safaris

Discover the story of pearls and vanilla

in their own environment 
on a guided tour.

A giant natural aquarium

where you can observe eels, gray sharks, napoleons, shoals of barracuda, and enchanting
coral gardens.

Water activities

Various activities with guided tours around the island in an outboard canoe, sumptuous picnics on a "motu," feed the rays, visit the dolphins, cruise onboard a yacht or catamaran in the crystalline waters of the lagoon.

 TETIAROA - THE BIRDS' ISLAND: A tiny coral ring, Tetiaroa offers a good idea of what the original Eden must have been like. With its white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, colorful birds, sparkling lagoon and absolute quietness, Tetiaroa is a dream paradise. This is the island you dreamed of as a child when the storybook was closed. It’s as if you created your own private world and stepped barefoot into your imagination. The royal Pōmare family made it their resort home. While filming "Mutiny on the Bounty," Marlon Brandon fell
 in love, not only with his Tahitian partner, but also with this
coral gem, which he bought in 1966.

The only atoll of the Windward Islands, Tetiaroa has a 4.5 mile diameter; a world surrounded by 13 "motus" (islets) covered with coconut trees, and enclosed by coral reefs. The lack of channels keeps the charm and preserved nature of this atoll intact. Among this wonderful set of islets, Tahuna Iti, the birds' island, far from any human population, is a natural reserve for sea birds. It

shelters one of the largest colony of birds in Tahiti and her
 Islands; where white terns, brown boobies, frigate birds, red-tailed tropic birds and, above all, the amazing great crested birds, come to breed in this uninhabited haven. They are not shy and happy to let visitors admire them.

For more information or reservations for these islands, 
contact a Lighthouse Travel Certified Tahiti Specialist.
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