"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."            

Ninamu Resort

Hotel rating
3 star

About 200 miles north by northeast of the main French Polynesia island of Tahiti lies the Tikehau Atoll. 16 miles long and 14 miles wide, Tikehau is  a graceful, oval-shaped crown of pink and white sand beaches and turquoise waters formed by a coral reef connecting hundreds of motu. 
That thin white line of coral, sand and palm trees is no more than half a mile wide, but it encircles a lagoon of pristine, otherworldly beauty – a place Jacques Cousteau visited in 1987 and found a greater variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

Hidden away on a private island in the south west corner of the atoll, the Ninamu (blue) Resort is an all-inclusive resort catering to luxury seeking outdoor enthusiasts. It is an ideal launch pad for divers, surfers, fishermen, kite surfers, stand-up paddeleboarders, and anyone who loves cruising along the surface or just below in warm, tropical waters that are bursting with life and energy.

Ninamu Resort features six bungalows, all hand crafted from natural, locally sourced materials. Each bungalow is unique in design and character, and can accommodate different guests needs; from large families and groups of friends, to singles and couples.  In addition to the guest bungalows, the restaurant and lounge serves as a social gathering spot with sweeping views of the lagoon, reef and sea.

Everyone should experience a pristine atoll in the middle of the South Pacific once in their life – because it’s nice to know that isolated beauty like this still exists. There are literally dozens of motu within a kayaks paddle from Ninamu. Discover your own hideaway and experience privacy and solitude on an otherworldly level.

Room rate includes:

Luxury en-suite accommodation.
All meals and snacks
Unlimited use of all watercraft (excluding deep sea fishing boat)
Excursions around the Tikehau Atoll
Return transfers from Tikehau airport to the resort


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