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A Polynesian Cruising Experience in the Tuamotu

(Available for groups and charters only)

Less than one hour from Tahiti, lies the beautiful atoll of Rangiroa, which means "Immense Sky". Nestled in the Tuamotu Archipelago, this chain of emerald islets, secluded pink and white sand beaches and turquoise lagoon is the base to the Haumana catamaran. In this pristine environment, Haumana Cruises offers a unique style of cruising, off-the-beaten paths, in a true and authentic Polynesian atmosphere, the comfort and intimacy of a 10-cabins catamaran.

With Haumana Cruises, enjoy life at your own pace, leave away the hustle and bustle of your daily life and dive into a world of peace and tranquility, surrounded by the paradise colors of Rangiroa, the "Polynesian art de vivre." Get acquainted with the local population, learn about their culture and traditions and all that makes Tahiti and her islands so special, so unique, so mythical. The Haumana experience is ideal for beach and nature lovers, snorkeling fans, fishing enthusiasts.

This beautiful catamaran provides cruises all year long and allows you to discover the island of Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago, as well as other islands in the Tuamotus and Society Island. The Haumana offers a unique style of cruising in a true and authentic Polynesian atmosphere; the comfort and intimacy of a 10-cabin catamaran. The crew consists of 14 members who will be very attentive to your needs. The ship has a restaurant, a bar, a main lounge with a panoramic view, a massage room, a Jacuzzi located on a sundeck, and a marina platform with kayaks and jet skis. Your days will be punctuated by sweet breaks taken on the upper deck and succulent food combining French cuisine and flavors from the islands. There are many activities included in the cost of the cruise. 

The 9 deluxe outside cabins and master suite are all fully air-conditioned with mini bar, hairdryer, TV, and VCR. All areas inside the ship are non-smoking for your added comfort. While larger, more conventional ships may briefly visit some of these islands, the Haumana is ideal for cruising the lagoons and exploring the islands in comfort at nature's pace. Cruises include all meals and activities while aboard the ship, plus many excursions.

Waverunner Adventure & Kayaking: The Haumana features 2 110-hp waverunners for a romantic ride on Rangiroa's stunning lagoon. More active guests can choose to kayak and glide on Rangiroa’s turquoise waters.

Diving with Haumana Cruises:
Well-known for her stunning lagoons, secluded beaches and islets, Rangiroa is also famous worldwide for her exciting dive experiences, and considered one of the best spots in the world for big animal encounters; especially for sharks and manta rays. In Rangiroa, to “shoot the pass” is to experience what many have called “the world’s greatest adrenaline rush!" Divers and snorkelers are carried by the current in these interchanging channels between the ocean and the lagoon. Outside the lagoon, as the reefs drop into deep blues, a breathtaking array of tropical fish and large species await the divers. Dive into this silent world and be ready for incredible encounters with sharks, manta rays, dolphins, jackfish, schools of barracuda, napoleons, turtles and more!

Snorkeling Tours:
Rangiroa’s lagoon, the second largest in the world, is home to a great variety of fish and large species. Your Haumana crew will take you to some fantastic
snorkeling spots in the pure and well-preserved lagoon of Rangiroa. Jump in and let myriads of colorful fish dance in a ballet around you: butterfly fish, parrot fish, surgeonfish, and many more. You may also spot some moray eels, sting rays, and reef sharks in these shallow waters. Snorkeling equipment is available from the Haumana.

Surfing with Haumana Cruises: The Haumana surf trips offer a once in a lifetime surf experience! The dedicated crew will take you to the best surf spot of Tikehau!
Haumana Cruises has worked closely with Quiksilver, O’Neill, Oakley, and hosted some of the most famous names in surfing.

Fishing and Fly Fishing: Haumana cruises in Rangiroa are saltwater fishing and especially bonefish focused, but you can bring the family; the staff will take care of them as there are many activities while onboard the Haumana. The favorite fish of fly-fishers are plentiful and never-ending schools of bonefish, many varieties of jack trevally, barracuda, milkfish, and many other species. Over 450 different species of fish have been documented in Rangiroa's lagoon. The Haumana is fully equipped to offer many different types of fishing to fans of the sport and it offers the best fly fishing cruise in the islands.

Haumana Cruises Special Picnics:
Whether having lunch on a private "motu" islet after a morning of exploration or dining under the stars, the Haumana special picnics will be the opportunity to sample some local delicacies in a fabulous environment.

Haumana Cruises Activities:

Haumana Cruises offers a variety of activities and
excursions that will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of Rangiroa.
Onboard the Haumana, there is no strict agenda and each day is yours to be organized. Snorkel in the Coral Garden; race in a kayak; fish from the rear of your tender boat; discover Rangiroa's natural fauna and flora with the Haumana crew; soak up the sun in the crystal-clear waters of the island; follow the crew to the reef; try some of the Polynesian delicacies; enjoy a siesta on the beach ...

Whether you are looking for an active vacation or a relaxing time in the islands, the Haumana offers something for everyone.

With her small size and shallow draft, the Haumana offers a great variety of charters, from surfing to fishing and diving, as well as charters for family events or friends' get-togethers. Many options are available and custom-made itineraries are prepared in the Tuamotu or the Society Islands of French Polynesia.





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